Chapter One – Dreamer

I am a dreamer. My thoughts are always in the future and what it could hold. I believe in manifestation. What your mind focuses on, whether positive or negative, is ultimately going to be put into motion. I focus a lot on my goals. My goals with work, money, my family.. Trying to always remain positive in times that seem rough is sometimes hard, trust me I’ve been there. But if you let those negative situations or outcomes fill your head you then start focusing on it and let it become a downward spiral. One thing right after another, you just keep getting knocked further down. So what if we don’t let negativity bring us down?

My dreams are simple. I want to be successful, happy, travel more, be financially stable, and quite frankly the list goes on longer than you most likely care about. Everyone dreams of these things but how many actually take steps to get there?

I have wanted to start a business that would be stable finance wise, for me to work from home for a long time now and after manifesting those thoughts I have finally taken steps to get there. Yeah it is going to take time to get started and for me to get to a place where I make enough money to support my family but guess what? I’m doing it, I’m freaking doing it!

Traveling more is obviously going to have to come once we start making the moolah.. But for now I hope to share my adventures whether near or far. But like I said previously, it is all about manifestation! So here’s to dreaming of vacations, picturing myself and the husband lying on a beach somewhere warm, or drinking/eating our way through Europe..

Having a hard time picturing what you want to manifest? Try making a vision/dream board. Something I fully believe works. Get a poster board, a glue stick, and an array of magazines that go along with different aspects of life like homes, cars, destinations, inspiring quotes even.. Anything that when you look at this board you picture and manifest exactly what you want out of it. Put it somewhere you will see it everyday. Preferably in the morning when you wake up and can keep those thoughts constantly. They WILL start manifesting It may take weeks, or even years. But if it is meant to be in your life it will be put there by the universe.

Give it an honest effort, and let me know how it goes!